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Festivals: Olili Obibia Eri
State: Anambra

Oral tradition passed on by the elders, and documented records upholds that Eri the 5th son of Gad, 7th son Jacob-Israel (num: 26, 16, Gen: 46, 16, Gen: 30, 11, Exodus: 1, 4), was the founder of Ibo nation.
Convincing arguments established that Eri, and his entourage from the tribes of Zevulun and Menashe left the rest of the tribes of Israel, during the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. They immigrated south of the Nile through Sudan, Niger to their permanent settlement in south east of Nigeria. Excavated pottery and stone tools in one of the museums, analyzed to be around 4500 years old (E. Isichei). Another excavation conducted in Anambra basin, the area of the early settlement of Eri, established that the oldest bones scientifically tested were around 5000 years (Omeregie 1989). This time period coincided with the period of the Israelites captivity in Egypt. Enugwu Agulueri is therefore, the Holy city of Ibo land, ancestral home and the repository of ancient artifacts and culture.
In recognition of Agulueri's status as the first son of Eri, and the holder of sceptre/Ofo of Ibo land, Nri people go to Enugwu Agulueri to obtain \'Ofo\'(odudu Eze), before crowning their Eze.
Of which, the present Eze Onyeaso, of Nri is not exception. In addition to this, in every Ibo gathering, an Agulueri person is allowed to break the kolanut as an acknowledgement to their status as the head.
The great grand-son of Eri, King Eze Chukwuemeka-Eri is by virtue of custom and tradition the holder of sceptre/Ofo of office therefore, \'the Aka ji ofo of Ibo\'.

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