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Festivals: eid
State: Jigawa

Hadejia (also Hadeja, previously Biram) is a Hausa town in eastern Jigawa State, northern Nigeria. The population was approximately 47,400 As of 1991. The people of Hadejia are largely Muslim, although some follow indigenous belief systems. The town lies to the north of the Hadejia River, and is upstream from the Hadejia-Nguru wetlands, an ecologically important and sensitive zone.

Hadejia was once known as Biram, and is referred to as one of the 'seven true Hausa states\' (Hausa Bakwai), because it was ruled by the descendants of the Hausa mythological figure Bayajidda and his second wife, Daurama. By 1810, during the Fulani War, the Hausa rulers of the Hausa Bakwai had all been overcome by the Fulani. Hadejia Emirate itself had been founded two years earlier, in 1808, and lasted until 1991, when it was absorbed into Jigawa State.

Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic has its College of Agriculture at Hadejia.

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