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Festivals: Oro Festival
State: Ogun

Remoland is situated in the South-Western part of Nigeria. It has three out of the Twenty Local Governments in Ogun State. It is bounded in the North-East by Ijebu North Local Government of Ogun State and Ago-Iwoye villages. It is also bounded in the North by Obafemi Owode Local Government of Ogun State with Owode Egba and Obafemi villages. It has boundary with Ikorodu Local Government in the South-West with Agbowa-Ikosi towns and Ikorodu villages. It has boundary in the East by Odogbolu Local Government of Ogun State with places like Ijesa-Ijebu, Odogbolu and Ayepe as boundary mates.
There are thirty-three traditional towns that first migrated and settled in the division. Other towns have been established all over Remoland after the mother towns. The new towns are developing fast. Some of the newly established towns are bigger in extent and the human population are higher than some of the mother towns. Some of the newly established towns compared favourably with the mother towns today.

Remo Traditional towns and town-lets are those that migrated either from Ile Ife or Benin. Emuren is the only town that did not pass through Ile Ife or Benin and has been regarded as a Remo town politically ever since.

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