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Festivals: na
State: Delta

The Uvwie people constitute one of the kingdoms of the Urhobo tribe in Delta state Nigeria. The kingdom is made up of over 30 towns/villages and ranks amongst the largest, urbanized and most influential in Urhobo land.

Geographically Uvwie is situated in the fresh water forest with an area of over 100 square kilometres. It shares a boundary with Okpe, Agbarho, Udu, Okere Urhobo and Agbara-Ame.

Historically, Uvwie economy is based on agriculture but that has now changed into commerce and industry as a result of rapid urbanization.

Uvwie is culturally rich. The people have a strong connection to their traditional religions as represented by the Edjuvwie and Ohworhu deities with their yearly festivals which are celebrated annually.Ighowan and Igorhu are among the famous traditional dances of the Uvwie clan. It must be said that while the traditions of the past are not forgotten, there is also widespread acceptance of Christainity.

In addition to the general Urhobo language, the Uvwie people have their own dialect.

Governance in Uvwie is a balance between the Politic and the traditional. Politically Uvwie is governed by the Uvwie Local Government Council (LGA).

Traditional governance is through the Uvwie Traditional Council of Chiefs. This institutions is headed by the Ovie (king) of Uvwie Kingdom.

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