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Festivals: UKPE Festival
State: EDO

Weppa Wanno is a Kingdom in Etsako East Council, South- South geo political zone of Nigeria. It is the homeland of Uwano people in Etsako-East council. It is bounded by Avianwu, Ibie, Ekperi, and Idah across the Niger River. The people of Weppa Wanno speak Etsako languages with Uwano dialect.

Administratively Weppa Wanno people were republicans, prior to colonial rule. The issue of kingship in Weppa Wanno is a modern day creation. The clans were historically ruled by various Ukpi drummers before the incursion of the colonialists, and then the village head who oversees various towns and villages. After this is the family head.

The Okumagbe's stool was created through the Colonial Government Chief Commissioner's letter No. 12941108 of 27th May, 1939, after the merger of Weppa and Wanno clans, and Chief Ogbaki 1, became the first monarch called Okumagbe which can be translated as the ‘unifier’. The throne of the Okumagbe is rotated among the five kinship groups. The present Okumagbe of Weppa Wanno is Dr. Eghabor a Chartered Accountant and industrialist, who is from the Iviokpisa kinship group.

Weppa Wanno consists of several villages and towns, while the city of Agenebode serves as the capital and ancestral city of all Weppa Wanno people both at home and in diaspora. It is also the administrative headquarters of Etsakor East Council. Unuedeghor, Emokweme, Oshiolo, Ekwotsor, Iviari, Ovao, Ivioghe, Iviukwe, Othame, Iviukhua, Igiode, Ivianokpodi, Iviebua are names of some of the villages that makes up Weppa Wanno Kingdom.

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