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Festivals: Lisabi Day
State: Ogun

The Egba nation originally under the Oyo empire became independent following the collapse of the Oyo empire in the first half of the 19th century. Tribal wars with the Dahomey where the Egbas were successful partly due to the protection afforded by the Olumo Rock led to the founding of the city of Abeokuta, which literally means \'under the rock\'.

The Egba nation is made up of the following sub-divisions - the Ake, Owu, Oke Ona, Gbagura and Ibara, each with its own king. During colonial rule, the British appointed the Alake of Ake (king of Ake) as the paramount ruler and is therefore referred to often now as the Alake of Egbaland. The titles of the kings of the aforementioned sub-divisions are the Alake of Egbaland, the Olowu of Owu, the Agura of Gbagura, the Oshile of Oke Ona, and the Olubara of Ibara. It is worthy of note that the original town and settlement of the Egba nation was under and around Olumo rock which is currently largely Oke Ona Egba.

Egbaland was not only where Henry Townsend lived but also boast of the first newspaper in Nigeria (\'Iwe Irohin\') as well as the first of the many Nigerian nations (until recently, the only) with an anthem.

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