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Title: Emir of Gumel
Full Name: Ahmad Muhammad Sani dan Maina Muhamman
Lineage: Maina Muhamman
Coronation: 00-00-1981
Palace: na
State: Kano

The current Emir of Gumel, HRH Alh. Ahmed Mohammed Sani II is the 16th Emir of Gumel. The Emir is a graduate of Political Science, Ohio State University United States of America and has been in office since 1981. The Emir's Palace is accessible only to those invited there by the Emir, members of the Royal family, and officials of the Royal court (the emirate council also called the Majlis).

The Gumel Emirate family tree

1749 - 1754 Dan Juma I dan Musa
1754 - 1760 Adamu Karro dan Digadiga Karro (d. 1760)
1760 - 1777 Dan Juma II dan Digadiga Karro
1777 - 1804 Maikota dan Adam Karro (d. 1804)
1804 - 1811 Kalgo dan Maikota (d. 1811)
1811 - 1828 Dan Auwa dan Maikota (d. 1828)
1828 - 1851 Muhamman Dan Tanoma dan Maikota (d. 1851)
1851 - 1853 Ceri dan Muhamman Dan Tanoma (1st time)
1853 - 1855 Muhamman Atu dan Dan Auwa
1855 - 1861 Ceri dan Muhamman Dan Tanoma (2nd time)
1861 - 1872 `Abd Allahi dan Muhamman Dan Tanoma (d. 1872)
1872 - 1896 Abu Bakar dan Muhamman Dan Tanoma (d. 1896)
1896 - 1915 Ahmadu dan Abi Bakar
1915 - 1944 Muhamman na Kota dan Ahmadu (d. 1944)
May 1944 - 1981 Maina Muhamman dan Muhamman na Kota (b. 1912)
1981 - Ahmad Muhammad Sani dan Maina Muhamman

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