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Title: Udo Hiri I
Full Name: HRH Eze Christopher Ikpendu Ononogbu
Lineage: Ononogbu
Coronation: 03-02-2003
Palace: GICON House
State: Abia

His Royal Highness the Eze Christopher Ikpendu Ononogbu. The Udo Hiri I is the ruler of the Okpuhu Nkpa Kingdom. Notable festivals incude New Yam Festival, Iza-ahia Festival and the Eru Festival.

Eze Ikpendu Christopher Ononogbu is a professor of biochemistry. His many years experience in teaching and research in the university has helped him to contribute immensely to the traditional institution in Nigeria and internationally. He has been invited at national and international levels as a guest speaker on traditional institution.

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