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We need bridge builder as leader, say traditional rulers

We need bridge builder as leader, say traditional rulers
August 17
16:45 2018

The Governing Council of the Nigerian Traditional Rulers has declared that Nigeria is in need of a good leader that will create jobs and build bridges of unity across the country.

Chairman, His Royal Majesty, Dr. Emmanuel Sideso, Abe 1, who is the Ovie of Uvwie Kingdom, Delta State, spoke on Wednesday at the opening of the10th National Development Summit of Nigerian Traditional Rulers, in Abuja.

Dr. Sideso expressed fear that the foundation of Nigeria as established by the founding fathers had been visibly deficient and threatened.He stated that the only way the country could be made great was when the leaders and different ethnic nationalities resolved to build a nation on equity, justice, fairness, labour and high moral standards.

He said: “Here is a country born with incredible potential, established on goodness and trust, with uncommon ideals and dreams that could make it soar into high altitudes of greatness. Like the eagles, Nigeria was born with powerful wings, in the form of enormous natural endowments. Nigeria was never meant to crawl or stagnate.”He lamented how constitution review had remained elusive for over a decade at the National Assembly despite the exigency of the matter.

The National Development Summit of Nigerian Traditional Rulers ‎was established by the late President Umaru Yar’Adua 10 years ago.Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said that the intervention by traditional rulers at the wake of bombing of oil installations by the Niger Delta militants and the secessionist uprising in the South East brought relative peace in the two regions.

He challenged traditional rulers in Nigeria to take greater responsibility in resolving conflicts in the country, saying dialogue and engagement were just as important as law enforcement in tackling disputes.

The vice president said monarchs were better placed to champion this vision of continuing dialogue and engagement because of the respect they command from the widest possible range of stakeholders and parties.He said: “Dialogue and engagement are just as important as law enforcement, especially in situations triggered by misunderstanding and disagreement between people and communities who have existed peacefully side-by-side for centuries.

“May I therefore most respectfully ask that you take this as a call to you, as royal fathers, as traditional rulers, as elder statesmen, to commit yourselves to deepening your partnership with government, to achieve our shared goal of laying the foundation of peace and security that will guarantee true greatness for Nigeria.”Don’t Wait Until People Are Dead To Give Them Flowers.

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